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Singing bowl therapy is a form of meditation, introspection and energy healing.
The inner body vibrates at a natural energetic frequency that can be thrown out of balance by stress, anxiety and other disruptive factors.
In a 1:1 session, these energetic vibrations can be brought back to their original state with the help of Tibetan singing bowls and a gong.
The sounds act as a deep massage for body, mind and soul.
Experience a journey into your inner self, let the sounds vibrate through your body and enter into a deep feeling.
Experience deep relaxation and healing on all levels.

  • 90 min 80€ energy exchange

  • at a location of your choice or at the Yoga Studio Can Tao, Sant Joan, Ibiza

In my Yin Yoga classes I use the singing bowls for a deeper effect of meditation and calming of the nervous system.

While practicing, I specifically place the singing bowls on your body. Thanks to the sound that vibrates through your body, letting go happens as if by itself and you slide deeper into stretching and relaxation.

Likewise, the meridians that are processed by Yin Yoga are additionally activated by the singing bowls.

  • 90 min 15€ energy exchange

  • regular drop-in classes at the Yoga Studio Can Tao, Sant Joan, Ibiza

  • Monday 6pm

  • Thursday 11:15 am

  • these lessons can also be booked as private individual lessons or group lessons - price on request

For larger groups of 4 or more people, I offer a profound sound journey with my partner from SAFY Sound.

You experience the effect of hypnotic sound waves through Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, tongue drums, chimes, etc.

They calm your body and mind and ensure a release of mental, emotional and physical tension in your subconscious.

  • 2h price on request

  • at a location of your choice or in the Yoga Studio Can Tao, Sant Joan, Ibiza

A massage for 2 or 1 person with gentle touches and healing sounds.
An experience for all the senses that nourishes your soul and allows you to calm down.

Each person will receive a 45min. Sound massage and 45min. Full body massage by hands.

This type of massage is a healing form and has a deep effect on your nervous system, releasing physical tension and emotional blockages.
The touch of the hands is gentle, slow and causes deep relaxation of the muscles.
Tibetan singing bowls are played on the body. This allows the sound waves to reach deep into the tissue and activate the body's self-healing processes.

  • 90 min 120€ energy exchange for 1 person

  • 90 min 160€ energy exchange for 2 people

  • at a location of your choice or at the Yoga Studio Can Tao, Sant Joan, Ibiza

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