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Ibiza nature
mindfulness walk
Ibiza nature spirit you


           Mindfulness walk

be nature be spirit be you

Based on Japanese forest bathing, the walk focuses on mindfulness in connection with nature and your 5 senses.

In the bustling chaos of modern life, it is easy to become disconnected from nature and ourselves. 

Forest bathing encourages us to slow down, step into the forest, and embrace the healing power of nature.

We will hike through different scenarios and turn our awareness to one of our senses one after the other for a certain time.

Through exercises that I guide you concentrate fully on one thing and  you arrive more and more in the here and now.

The essence of nature provides relaxation and harmony.

The walk takes place in silence and also includes a guided sensory meditation based on Daniel Siegel.


Duration:  3 hours

Costs:  35 euro

When: on request, from 2 people on

Location: the island offers many beautiful hiking trails, which I will choose depending on the season

Facilities: comfortable shoes, sunscreen, hat, water, towel or light blanket


15 €


Die Insel bietet tolle Wanderwege, die ich je nach Jahreszeit wähle.


The studio provides mats, blocks, bolsters and blankets

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