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Jessica Mierzwa
Yoga & Connection

Hello, nice to have you here

be nature be spirit be you

I'm Jessi, I live and teach yoga in Ibiza.

Who am I?


I see myself as a traveller...curious to explore the many places on our beautiful get to know different cultures and ways of life, which constantly shape my thinking and my being.

This trip brought me to Ibiza where I live and teach yoga now.

I am an inner journeyer, a journey that began in 2005 with yoga classes at the gym.

Since then, yoga has accompanied me and my being changed the beginning very quietly and coarsely,

later more intense, finer, deeper.

What do i want?

I want to accompany you on part of your journey. I want to awaken the power, openness and curiosity in you.

I want to create more connection with you and your being through mindfulness and connection to nature.

I want to give you a new angle to open  transformation on all levels.

How are my classes?

I teach Power Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Mindfulness in Nature, Pranajama and Meditation.

Flowing, strengthening Vinyasa flows that get your system going and train your concentration. I want to bring you above your comfort zone, want you to try, play, grow.

Calm, deep-acting Yin Yoga that brings you to connection and sense. You reach deep tissue, activates relaxation, you can allow yourself to connect with your breathing, your feelings and your body sensations.

A journey through your body to connect with your spirit...your being.

I'm happy to meet you!!!

Jessica Mierzwa


Thanks a lot!

be nature be spirit be you
Yoga in nature
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