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Yoga retreat in Ibiza
Retreat of the 5 senses
Ibiza nature spirit you


Retreat of the 5 senses

Mai 18 to Mai 25, 2024


6 days of yoga, meditation, breathing, mindfulness, connection, nature, your 5 senses, sun, relaxation, sea...


When the days get warmer, the sea invites you to swim and the flowers bloom in all their glory, I welcome you to the sunny island of Ibiza. Take the time for your holiday on Ibiza,
to harmonise body, mind and soul. Because you are worth it!

I'll take you on a journey inside, through your 5 senses.

You can expect 6 days of morning Vinyasa Flow and Pranayama for a powerful start to the day, creative workshops and quiet evening classes, which bring you into relaxation and connection.

Each day is dedicated to one of your senses, and the yoga classes and workshops are geared towards that.

Yoga nidra, yin yoga with singing bowls and meditation will bring you into peace, relaxation and connection in the evening.

You can look forward to various workshops where we will learn about tools to reconnect with our inner self and thus immerse ourselves more in the present.

On a yoga-free day, we will connect with all our senses. I will take you into the nature of Ibiza and we will take a bath in the forest. Shinrin Yoku is the name of Japanese forest bathing and is a recognised relaxation therapy. During the silent hike, I will guide you through various exercises so that you arrive more and more in the here and now and dive deeper into your inner world. The hike ends at a beautiful, hidden, mystical place where I will guide you through a 5 senses meditation.

Mindfulness of our thoughts and how we can direct them; mindfulness of our actions and how we can change them, mindfulness of our being and how we can connect with it.

The property is located in the spiritual north of the island, 5 minutes walk from the spectacular bay of Benirras. A highlight is the sunset accompanied by drummers who gather here every evening.

The beautiful Finca Roca is located on the grounds of "Ibiza Yoga".

There you will be accommodated in lovingly furnished double rooms, which can also be booked individually.

There are 2 shared toilets with showers.

The heart of the finca is the large kitchen and lounge area and the huge terrace, which invites you to sunbathe, relax and be together.

The bathrooms and common areas are cleaned daily.

The yoga classes take place on the roof of the finca, surrounded by the beautiful green nature of Ibiza.

Meals consist of a self-service breakfast:

Various muesli, yoghurt, fruit, tea, juice, various milk and coffee are available.


Every midday for lunch you will find a rich, nutritious and vegetarian/vegan buffet.


Depending on the evening program, a buffet dinner will be prepared for you on 5 days or you can self-cater in the fully equipped kitchen or eat out on 2 days.

We are happy to accommodate vegan or allergy-related requests.

be nature be spirit be you

Duration: 1 week


1399 euros accommodation in a double room               

1799 euros single occupancy in a double room

not included in the price includes: flight, airport shuttle, 2x dinner

Location: Ibiza Yoga, Finca Roca, Cala Benirras

Facilities: the finca ist fully equipped with mats, blocks and bolsters, you can of course bring your own equipment

Useful information: All hours are held in English or German depending on the participant.

The finca is close to a beautiful beach, but difficult to access by public bus. Airport pick-up can be arranged if required.

If you want to be more active in your free time and explore the island, I recommend reserving a car or moped at the airport.

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