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Workshop essential oils
essential oils from Doterra
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Workshop essential oils

be nature be spirit be you

Essential oils are the essence of nature.

We are creatures that live in and with nature. Through nature we can find a connection to our inner self, to our being.

Indigenous peoples were connected to nature, lived in harmony with it, let it help and guide them.

In today's modern world we are very far from that. We are too much on the outside, in the fast pace of life. We have lost the connection, we have forgotten how to feel intuitively, we don't take the time for patience and observation.

One way to get back to feeling, healing and connecting to yourself through nature is to use essential oils.

Essential oils are compounds of a plant, which are made from the flowers, roots, seeds or bark, for example. That means all of their active ingredients are in the small drops. They can support us on a physical, organic, spiritual and emotional level.

Through their gentle development we can train our mindfulness and also our intuition.

In my workshop we flow through a Yang Yin practice (active and passive) accompanied by 2 oils to intensify the class's properties on our system.

We are going to exchange experiences with the oils and will get to know 2 more oils and their benefits and applications.

In a subsequent DIY you can make your own nourishing body oil with the essential oil mix of your choice.

The essential oils are from dōTERRA, a company that pays attention to fair conditions for people and nature.






Can Tao Yoga Studio

Sant Joan


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The studio provides mats, blocks, bolsters and blankets

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